The Indian Buffet: Dismantled

Roxanna Kassam Kara explores the origins of Indian wedding feasts.

June 2007

The Meaning of Mehndi

A tradition that began several millennia ago continues to evolve in North America.

June 2007

In God’s Hands

Violated by her priest, one woman struggles to make sense of her experience.

May 2007

Starching Up Summer

Sure, getting your crispy starch on is easy in New Delhi, but what are you supposed to do in New York?

May 2007

Mother of Invention

Nalini Abhiraman carries on a family legacy of sleuthing for spices.

May 2007
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Extreme Home Makeover: FOB Edition

Desi decorating maven Roxanna Kassam Kara’s hilarious guide to keeping up with the Jauhanses.

April 2007

A Change in Customs

Nakasha Ahmad recounts a visit to customs—and ponders how accustomed we’ve become to compromising our civil liberties.

November 2006

Intro to Indian Art 101

How to school yourself in New York City.

October 2006

Unveiling the Veil

Nakasha Ahmad’s reflections on a much-misunderstood piece of fabric.

September 2006

Bollywood’s Mane Attraction

As a longtime devotee of Bollywood hair, Roxanna Kassam decided to dig beneath the hairsprayed veneer to discover the real story behind Bollywood’s hair stereotypes.

June 2005