Cowgirl & Indian


The two-woman show, “Cowgirl & Indian,” written and performed by comediennes Margee Magee and Angeli Millan, finishes up its three-week run at the L.A. Comedy festival this Friday, May 16. Magee and Millan met at The Groundlings Improv/Comedy school. As they embarked on their careers in acting they became co-conspirators in comedy.

“Despite how different we might appear, we’ve really endured a lot of the same experiences as actresses, comediennes, dating, despite various stereotypes that we both get put upon us,” says Millan. If you’re in L.A. this Friday and curious to know more about their satirical take on the shared experiences of a “Cowgirl” and “Indian,” visit the show’s website for event details and ticket reservations. Millan adds that the show will include experimental comedy, running the gamut from sitcom spoofing to powerpoint presentations of their lives, plus audience interaction and “a male mannequin taking center stage to tell of our exploits with the opposite sex.”

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Sunkrish Swaddled on NFTUB Season Premiere

Sunkrish Bala (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

The second season of Notes from the Underbelly premiered this week, with a cast including Lisa Harris, Jennifer Westfeldt and Sunkrish Bala. (See “Life of a Bala” in for more on Sunkrish.) The bedroom scene in which he’s subjected to his wife’s efforts to unravel the secrets of their Burberry-clad French nanny’s swaddling technique is the highlight of Bala’s limited on-screen time in this episode.

Not sure what swaddling is or why it would strike fear into the hearts of new parents? Join the club. “How hard is a swaddle?” asks the show’s expecting mother. “It’s like giving an angry cat a bath when you’re drunk,” answers Melanie Paxson, who plays his wife.

In a recent interview, Bala talked about what he looks for in a girl, entertaining the babies on set, and his character Eric.

You’re way too young to be a dad in real life, but you play one on TV so well…

Yeah, Eric and Julie are just those obnoxious parents next door that you don’t want to talk to. Our world is about our baby – the “Mommy and Me” and “Music and Me” classes and waterbabies. It’s like we did this before we had our child, and now our life is consumed by it. It’s a little gross.

Everyone always asks me, what does Eric do for a living on your show?

You know, it’s such a mystery. No one knows and everyone speculates. I know he’s incredibly wealthy, so it’s something that pays a lot of money. That’s all that’s ever been made clear to me.

Any guesses?

He’s definitely like an I-banker or a finance guy. Eric’s so square and boring, but he’s richer than I will ever be in my life!

Maybe he’s a super spy?

You know what, I like that. Eric’s a super spy, and no one knows it, he’s that’s ultra smooth. (OK! Magazine)

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Insane On the Plane: Harold and Kumar 2

A scene from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

The comedic duo John Cho and Kal Penn reprise their roles as Harold and Kumar for a trip to Amsterdam in the sequel to their White Castle flick. That’s what the title of Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam would lead you to believe. But the recently released trailer highlighting their misidentification as terrorists on the plane and detainment in an interrogation room may leave you wondering if the pair ever makes it to the city of frites and canals, or if they end up at Guantanamo.

Previously on : “Five Questions for Kal Penn”; “Film Review of H & K”; “Kal Penn Goes to Hollywood”

Also insane on the plane: Dishad Husain’s Viva Liberty! features a character named Woody Ali who is misidentified as a terrorist when he tries to go on holiday and ends up at a notorious US detention center.

More: While the passenger who freaks out at the sight of Kumar in the movie trailer may be an exaggerated caricature/plot device, a recent amendment seeks to shield from lawsuits airline passengers and others who report suspicious activity to authorities (“King bill aims to protect terrorism tipsters”). Proposed in response to the 2006 case of six Muslim imams removed from a plane after a passenger raised concerns about them, the bill has faced opposition from those who argue that it encourages racial profiling (NPR).

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Laughing Liberally With Hari Kondabolu

Monthly political comedy showcase Laughing Liberally Local 415 hosts two comics tonight, July 16, 8pm, at San Francisco’s Make-Out Room. Seattle-based Hari Kondabolu (Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO US Comedy Arts Festival) and nationally touring Marga Gomez (“Los Big Names”, “The Twelve Days of Cochina”) are headlining.

The Daily noted Kondabolu’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this year, but I didn’t see the Kimmel clip until this morning. I can sympathize with the Microsoft Word glitch he describes (or I could before I had the uncomfortable experience of “Ignore All”-ing my name, and then later taking the more palatable step of “Add”-ing it)!

This spring, Kondabolu appeared together with musician/comic Ahamefule Oluo in a video podcast on race comedy for the April issue of multicultural Seattle magazine NW Colors. Kondabolu believes that “comedy can be used to address racism by actually pointing out racism.”

“A big part of my comedy is taking really big subjects and really big ideas and finding ways to express them, finding simple ways to explain complicated things.” He started writing and performing stand-up when he was in high school and ran for vice president in high school to create a comedy night. “All my early jokes were basically old Chris Rock and Margaret Cho jokes with ‘Indian’ in it.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Pan-Asian Comedy: Noodles and Kabobs

If the name alone doesn’t entice your appetite* for Pan-Asian flavor, consider the lineup of talent for the Noodles and Kabobs Pan-Asian Comedy Showcase at the 50Mason Lounge in San Francisco, tonight, July 13 @ 8pm.

SAM KOLETKAR: An Indian Jew, Samson provides Indian humor with a Jewish twist.

SAMANTHA CHANSE: Known for her dry wit and humor, Samantha is from the Big Apple, meaning she is funny and can kick butt.

SHENG WANG is seriously silly. Born in Taipei and raised in Houston, he performs comedy based on personal experiences with intense honesty and ill logic.

NITIN KANT born in India and raised in a Corporation, Nitin’s comedy is about his suffering: as an Indian, as an American, and as a human being.

*Sort-of-out-of-nowhere veggie digression: Has anyone had veggie kabobs? I assume they exist somewhere waiting for me to sample, though probably not right next to the Boca sausages in the supermarket freezer case. But maybe next door to the veggie dim sum place, complete with rolling steam carts?

Update: Yeah, so veggie kabobs are ubiquitous and I was thinking of something else, probably along the lines of koobideh. Oops. I’ll make sure I review my food vocab flash cards an extra 15 minutes tonight, even though it will be torture with nothing in the fridge at the moment.

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Born In The U.S.A.A.

Spotlight Stealerz
Anthony, De La Cruz, D’Lo (APICC)

Running through May and June in San Francisco, the 10th Annual United States of Asian America Festival showcases over 75 Asian Pacific Islander artists in the the fields of dance, music, visual art, theater and multidisciplinary performance. The festival’s diverse program includes a May 26 show by the Spotlight Stealerz, an LA-based performing troupe comprised of writers Adelina Anthony (“Mastering Sex and Tortillas”), D’Lo (“Ballin’ With My Bois”) and Alison De La Cruz (“Sungka”). The Stealerz use comedy to “weave individual stories and group sketches together to explore a range of issues within their multiple experiences, identities and communities (Xicana, Tamil Sri-Lankan, Filipino, lesbian, queer, stud, immigrant, mixed-race).”

You can see more of Spotlight Stealer D’Lo, a Tamil Sri Lankan-American performer, writer and music producer with a background in piano, ethnomusicology, hip-hop, dance and more, at upcoming shows across the country, including “Ramble-ations: A One D’Lo Show”—an attempt at fusing together elements of her being on stage: “Gay Hindu Hip Hop—These three things make me but don’t allow for one another.”

Watch “D’Lo Speaks the Good Word” on MTV Desi and Alison De La Cruz perform at Serafemme 2006.

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Sakhi StreetSmarts Gala

Sakhi Logo

Sakhi for South Asian Women, an anti-domestic violence agency in the New York Metropolitan area, will hold its 6th Annual Gala on May 5, 2007 at the Skylight SoHo. Dubbed “StreetSmarts,” the event promises “sumptuous international street food” as well as music, dancing and live performances. In addition, a silent auction of South Asian artwork and jewelry, curator-led tours of the Metropolitan Museum of art and other galleries, and evenings with notable supporters such as Mira Kamdar, Shashi Tharoor and Debra Winger will help raise money for the organization. RSVP by April 27th to attend.

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Ansari Excuse For Music

Have Aziz Ansari and his friends managed to create the world’s sh*ttiest mixtape? You be the judge—and be sure to visit Monday morning for the exclusive on Ansari and his new sketch comedy show Human Giant:

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Seven.11 Turns 5


Seven plays at 11 minutes each, all set in a convenience store = 77 minutes of fun. This winning formula from Desipina’s Seven.11 Convenience Theatre series returns for a fifth year on March 29-April 14 at The Abrons Art Center (tickets are, naturally, 7 + 11 = $18) and April 20-22 at the Queens Theatre, both in New York. Founded by sisters Rehana Mirza and Rohi Mirza Pandya, Desipina & Co. is a fusion arts company focusing on film and theatre, dedicated to promoting cross-pollinations of artistic, political and cultural dialogues.

This year’s Seven.11 lineup includes superheroes on a quick snack stop, a Bollywood superstar promoting the latest Slurpee flavor, a historical tour of the quickie-mart from the future and a wild spin on a classic fairy tale called “Bikram & Cheekochio.” The latter play is a “cheeky new musical about a dashing young desi and a racist wooden puppet,” developed after co-writers Michael Lew and Rehana Mirza “wanted to write a musical together and were riffing on adaptations of Pinnochio.” (BAT Newsletter)

Tickets move faster than seasonal Sno Balls, so get yours before they sell out.

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From Chico To The Man

Daily Show regular Aasif Mandvi weighs in on the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales mess:

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