Radhika’s Rad Rings

Radhika Tandon

Lawyer by day, jewelry designer by night, Radhika Tandon is responsible for the latest evolution of the timeless cocktail ring. Her company Isharya—which she runs with her sister-in-law Gauri Tandon—features precious and semi-precious stones set in silver and gold.

“If we don’t love it, it’s not going to be in our collection,” Tandon, 32, says. “Ohmigod, how fabulous. Where did you get it?’ That’s the feeling we want to evoke.”

Radhika Tandon is a patent lawyer based in Menlo Park, California, while her sister-in-law (a London School of Economics grad) lives in Mumbai, working with “the artisans who translate their vision into fabulous creations of tourmalines, smoky topaz, coral and rose-cut diamonds.”

Check out the goods at: Jennifer Kaufman in Los Angeles, or by visiting www.isharya.com

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The Good Goods

Stationary Set Available at World-Shoppe.Com

It’s a global network that connects consumers with “economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers.”

World-Shoppe, an online market that sells everything from stationary to photo frames and bangles, makes sure its producers (mostly women) get paid a living wage.

The company works with non-profits like Bagdha Enterprise in Bangladesh, and India’s TARA projects in a business environment that is “non-exploitive” and “supportive.”

World Shoppe products have been featured in O and Lucky magazines. Check out the goods here.

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Kaneesha Jewelry

India is now the number one exporter and producer of jewelry–having recently grabbed the top spot from Italy.

“The markets of the future are India and China,” Sabyasachi Ray, exhibit director for India’s Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council told Reuters in an interview earlier this week.

China, along with Turkey and other Asian nations, have been giving traditional global leaders like Italy a run for their money.

Their main advantage? Cheaper labor.

Last year’s numbers put Indian jewelry exports at an astounding $16.7 billion (up from $15.7 billion in 2004/2005).

Although India is said to strictly abide by the Kimberley Process (Remember? From Blood Diamond?) serious allegations suggest some less-than-kosher dealings in Angola.

India exported about $9 billion worth of diamonds in 2003.

Conflict diamonds
Blood Diamond, the movie

Jewelry designer Bijoux talks to Nirali
And Rosena Sammi tells us about her designs

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Muhammad Yunus Makes the Rounds


Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is in New York this week, and he’ll be making the rounds for various appearances. He’s going to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday—soon after appearing at the Council on Foreign Relations that afternoon. I’m hoping to catch his speech at the CFR; my boss is a member and sneaks me in (legally) whenever he can. Though I’d probably rather trade it in for Daily Show tickets. Yunus and Stewart? Swoon.

Yunus will be promoting his book, Banker to the Poor, but if I get into see him, I’m planning on asking about his interest policies on micro-credit loans. I read somewhere it’s 20% for income generating loans, which, while lower than the government rate, still seems pretty steep to me. But it’s 8% for housing loans, 5% for student loans, and even interest-free for “struggling members” (read: beggars). I wonder what his take is on Islamic banking? Guess I should do my homework first and perhaps ask my dad.

Anyway, I will have a full report after Thursday!

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