I Dream of Saree

Vintage sari ad. (Photo: Saree Dreams)

Can a saree be way too floral? Gangster? Would a polka-dot turtleneck work in place of a blouse? Would someone dare to wear her bra as a saree blouse? What kind of sarees do they wear in the navy? Inline skating while wearing a saree—can it be done? If you find these questions intriguing, are interested in saree history and sarees in art, or simply enjoy gazing at yards and yards of fabric worn with attitude, you’ll probably find items of interest at Saree Dreams, a blog showcasing the saree in all its splendor and occasional wrong turns. On Wordless Wednesdays they “let the saree do all the talking.” The blog’s contributors—Sunny, a designer, Rupa, a writer, Misty, a student, and Kamini, a model—are based in different cities around the world; Los Angeles, Delhi, and London.

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Fugsters Ask Waris “How Long?”

Getty Images.

Go Fug Yourself! met actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia at NY Fashion Week and found that, despite their best efforts, he was “unoffendable.”

How long, we asked, were his locks? “I cannot believe you asked me that!” he said. “It’s down to the hips.”…He’s removed the turban in movies like The Life Aquatic and Inside Man, but never for a photo shoot. So which fashion magazines would he take it off for? “Purple [He appears in the current issue.]. And I’d do it for L’Uomo Vogue. I believe in art, and I believe in ideas and concepts,” he said. So, no Men’s Vogue? “No.” What about Harper’s Bazaar? Waris pointed to his turban. “They get this.” — “You Can’t Offend Waris Ahluwalia”

Ahluwalia is scheduled to appear on the big screen this fall in vampire flick Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead. The film’s myspace page shares interviews with cast members including Ralph Macchio and Waris, who reminisces about his college freshman year interest in the dark arts. The interest didn’t go very far because he wasn’t ready to give up God—“We’re tight.”

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Kirmani on Season 2 of Top Design


Shazia Kirmani, who gave a solid introduction to interior design in “Decorating 101,” made her Bravo debut last night in “Top Design’s” second season. The TV series, hosted last time by Todd Oldham who transitions to a mentor role this season, follows 13 interior designers through various challenges as they compete to win $100,000 and a four-page showcase in Elle Decor magazine. (One member of the judge’s panel, Margaret Russell, serves as editor-in-chief of Elle Decor.)

Kirmani and the 12 other designers featured on the show have diverse backgrounds. The group includes a trained countertenor, an artist, a Yale-trained architect, a real-estate developer, a set decorator for film and TV, a former fashion designer, a magazine style editor, and several decorators who already run their own firms. Kirmani falls in the latter group. After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, she and her roommate designer Jesse Neargarder had their East Dallas apartment featured in D Home. Today she helms her own design firm, EgoSpace Interiors.

In her 60 Second Life Story video, Kirmani says that she was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to Pakistani parents, and that she has lived most of her life in Texas. According to her show bio, after her first semester at University of Texas at Austin studying biochemistry, she realized she was “more passionate about redesigning her bedroom than anything that was going on in the classroom.” In a Star-Telegram.com interview, the designer shares details from behind the scenes at “Top Design.”

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The Sartorialist Does New Delhi

Seen in New Delhi.

Nalini and I were chatting yesterday about the fact that Scott Schuman, otherwise known as the fabulous street fashion photographer who blogs as The Sartorialist, has arrived in India.

Nalini predicted at least one shot of a dapper gent. “My money’s on at least one pukka-type, Savile Row-suited elderly Indian man with an awesome mustache and maybe a bandini-print pocket square. Wishful thinking.” I concur. Mr. Schuman loves shooting well-dressed men. I also wished to see the Indian fashion sense we all know and love … the elegant way that East meets West with a bit of eccentricity thrown in.

Enter today’s shot. Just … wow. Speaking as one super short girl I am totally in awe by the way she manages to wear a dress that you’d think would make her look even shorter but does nothing but elongate her frame.

Nalini and I are in love. The dress, the shoes, the lip color, those eyes. Perfection. Our eyes are peeled for more from Scott.

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Kali’s Jewel Box

From “Terrorism Affects Tourism”

The New York Times Sunday Styles always get my weekly love. This week I happened upon a small item regarding Kali Arulpragasam’s fine jewelry.

Wait. Arulpragasam, you say? Is that?…. Yes. Kali is the sister of your girl and mine, M.I.A.

Kali is a jewelry designer with a studio in London. Her work can be seen on her site, Super Fertile.

Her work is highly influenced by social issues with collections titled “Rich Girl vs. Poor Girl” and “Endangered Species”. Her latest collection is called “Terrorism Affects Tourism”. The collection celebrates the positive side to countries that we think of as war-torn and poverty stricken. From the Times:

“There’s more to these countries than guys with guns standing in rubble,” said Ms. Arulpragasam, who fled Sri Lanka with her family 20 years ago. “What are the plants like? What music are the kids listening to? That’s what I wanted to show.”

These pieces are plated gold and silver and start at $800. See Super Fertile for ordering information.

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Pillow Talk

The September issue of Domino magazine profiles Montreal-based textile designer Anupama Swaminadhan, whose years-ago stint overseeing the production of couture fabrics in India informs her current work. Swaminadhan’s new line of pillows, stoles and other home accessories are created through kalamkari, an ancient Indian printing technique. The dyes used in the line are all-natural and come from vegetable and mineral dyes. For inspiration, Swaminadhan draws on India’s “[t]raditional temple art depicting mythological scenes and narratives.”

Domino also features Swaminadhan’s line in its back-of-the-book “Domino Deals” section.

More: Anupama Swaminadhan’s official site.

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New Media & NY Fashion Week

Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan Spring 2008

New York’s Fashion week wraps up this Wednesday and if you weren’t personally invited, blogs might be your best bet for coverage of what’s happening and who’s showing up under the tents in Bryant Park. According to Women’s Wear Daily new media still only accounts for 10% of the overall issued media credentials at New York’s Fashion Week. But there’s no doubting that it’s a whole lot easier for the average fashion-watching web surfer to click into the blogosphere than it is to get into a designer’s show.

WWD‘s list of blogging bigwigs (Sartorialist, GoFugYourself) and relative newcomers (Fashionista–“style like you mean it,” Fashionologie–“the musings of a twentysomething American girl who wishes she could have a Freaky Friday incident and switch bodies with Phoebe Philo”) includes writers with fashion industry experience and those offering a perspective for women of color, size or limited budget (The Fashion Bomb–“all urban fashion…all the time,” Too Fat for Fashion—“fashion beyond sample sizes,” The Budget Fashionista–“an Ivy League-educated epidemiologist who had a love of fashion and lack of cash”). See the full article for more blogs that got on the list this year.

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Floral Inspiration


Celebrity florist Preston Bailey has done events for everyone from to Donald Trump to Oprah. His style is quite masterful, abundant and very lush. There are no simple arrangements here, kiddies. A look through his portfolio shows the stunning transformations he’s done (with unbelievable before and after shots!) and examples of different table settings any bride can get inspiration from.

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Let’s Put It On

The Daily Desi suggests that we run out to see Thukral & Tagra’s exhibit “Put It On” at Bose Pascia in Chelsea, Manhattan, while it’s still hot. Hosting the show until June 9, and established in 1994, the gallery was the first in the West to specialize in and promote contemporary and avant-garde art from South Asia.

New Delhi-based Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively in a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, installation, video, graphic and product design, websites, music and fashion.

In their latest exhibition, “Put It On,” they channel their collaborative artistry into “arriving at a range of probable solutions for HIV awareness and vigilance through the visual arts.” The resulting works include stylistic and creative placement of pictures of proper condom usage throughout large-scale canvas paintings and mixed-media installations with custom-designed underwear and flip-flops.

Photos of Thukral & Tagra’s Everyday BoseDK exhibit in New Delhi last month; BoseDK Designs, T&T’s consortium of graphic designers, illustrators, film-makers and design-inclined writers. With e-zines.

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Flower Show Still Fresh

Store entrance, San Francisco (Photo: Brightroom)

You might remember me finding out last week about this year’s flower show at Macy’s in San Francisco. Well, it’s not over yet! There’s still time, through Saturday, April 14, actually, to see the floral displays in store or attend one of the upcoming events, including the cooking demos with chefs from Junnoon and Le Meridien, and a final chance to have Lancôme-sponsored Henna Lounge artists adorn you with intricate designs. Hurry up if you want complimentary henna on your hands, though. Judging by the long line formed well before the event’s starting time last Friday, this may be one of the show’s most popular events. (Event details.)

Puja Sabharwal, who works in media relations at Macy’s, offers a tip on what not to miss if you make it out to “Imagine India:” “The tabletop settings on the 6th floor are phenomenal. Each setting is inspired by different elements of nature in India. The Macy’s visual team has done a tremendous job of capturing India in every possible way.”

Check back on Monday for more from Sabharwal in the second part of our April issue.

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