I Dream of Saree

Vintage sari ad. (Photo: Saree Dreams)

Can a saree be way too floral? Gangster? Would a polka-dot turtleneck work in place of a blouse? Would someone dare to wear her bra as a saree blouse? What kind of sarees do they wear in the navy? Inline skating while wearing a saree—can it be done? If you find these questions intriguing, are interested in saree history and sarees in art, or simply enjoy gazing at yards and yards of fabric worn with attitude, you’ll probably find items of interest at Saree Dreams, a blog showcasing the saree in all its splendor and occasional wrong turns. On Wordless Wednesdays they “let the saree do all the talking.” The blog’s contributors—Sunny, a designer, Rupa, a writer, Misty, a student, and Kamini, a model—are based in different cities around the world; Los Angeles, Delhi, and London.

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Fugsters Ask Waris “How Long?”

Getty Images.

Go Fug Yourself! met actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia at NY Fashion Week and found that, despite their best efforts, he was “unoffendable.”

How long, we asked, were his locks? “I cannot believe you asked me that!” he said. “It’s down to the hips.”…He’s removed the turban in movies like The Life Aquatic and Inside Man, but never for a photo shoot. So which fashion magazines would he take it off for? “Purple [He appears in the current issue.]. And I’d do it for L’Uomo Vogue. I believe in art, and I believe in ideas and concepts,” he said. So, no Men’s Vogue? “No.” What about Harper’s Bazaar? Waris pointed to his turban. “They get this.” — “You Can’t Offend Waris Ahluwalia”

Ahluwalia is scheduled to appear on the big screen this fall in vampire flick Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead. The film’s myspace page shares interviews with cast members including Ralph Macchio and Waris, who reminisces about his college freshman year interest in the dark arts. The interest didn’t go very far because he wasn’t ready to give up God—“We’re tight.”

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Lakshmi Menon for Givenchy

Menon stands front and center in ads for Givenchy F/W08.

Despite the ongoing discussion over the lack of models of color on catwalks and campaigns, it’s nice to see that Lakshmi Menon is getting some attention. After last Spring’s Hermès campaign, Lakshmi can soon be seen in ads this fall for Givenchy aside models Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Kristen Owen and Maria Carla Boscono. In a statement released by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, he says, “I chose these five women that represent elegance, femininity and masculinity with character. It is a family portrait.”


Love that she’s so versatile. She can go from super feminine in editorials for Biba Magazine to this stark no-nonsense look for Givenchy. I can’t wait to see what is next for her. What do you think?

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Satya for Sale


Inspired by the world travels and spiritual explorations of founders/designers Satya and Beth, Satya Jewelry combines semi-precious stones with gold and sterling silver to create pieces with diverse elements and meanings. Satya is a Sanskrit word meaning “the inner Truth that permeates all.”

This weekend, 5/2–5/4, their jewelry is up to 80 percent off; the triple-charm necklaces were $128, but are now $35. 95. Christopher St., at Bleecker St. (212-243-7313); 5/2–5/4 (10–6). — NY

More: The Satya Foundation is a non-profit committed to bringing yoga and healthy living to kids. The foundation also donates 100% of the proceeds from one of its necklaces to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF), aiming to find a cure for this rare childhood skin disease.

Look for more details on Satya in an upcoming issue of !

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Mustache Panache (Or, How I Totally Called It)

More from the Sartorialist's trip to New Delhi
More from the Sartorialist’s trip to ND.

Like I was saying to Priya, I’ve been trying to predict which uniquely desi spins on fashion The Sartorialist will feature on his influential blog as he traipses through New Delhi. Turns out I was right on one crucial front — my conviction that the Sartorialist couldn’t resist the throwback élan of an old-school subcontinental ‘stache.

Though this gentleman isn’t rocking the Rajasthani jobi-square I so pithily anticipated back in Priya’s earlier post, his mustache is definitely everything I hoped Mr. Schuman would notice. Feast your eyes on it, readers. Them is some luscious vibrissae, oh yes them is!

I can only hope that the man in question knows what a gifty crop he’s got growing … that he fertilizes it shiny and well with copious amounts of Parachute (or, as I call it, India’s Dapper Dan) … and that he sedately runs his fingers through it like Kattabomman when solving affairs of state or heart. You can totally tell just by looking at him that he’s got to do both in a day’s work. Love it.

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The Sartorialist Does New Delhi

Seen in New Delhi.

Nalini and I were chatting yesterday about the fact that Scott Schuman, otherwise known as the fabulous street fashion photographer who blogs as The Sartorialist, has arrived in India.

Nalini predicted at least one shot of a dapper gent. “My money’s on at least one pukka-type, Savile Row-suited elderly Indian man with an awesome mustache and maybe a bandini-print pocket square. Wishful thinking.” I concur. Mr. Schuman loves shooting well-dressed men. I also wished to see the Indian fashion sense we all know and love … the elegant way that East meets West with a bit of eccentricity thrown in.

Enter today’s shot. Just … wow. Speaking as one super short girl I am totally in awe by the way she manages to wear a dress that you’d think would make her look even shorter but does nothing but elongate her frame.

Nalini and I are in love. The dress, the shoes, the lip color, those eyes. Perfection. Our eyes are peeled for more from Scott.

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Hermès Orange, Indian Pink (UPDATED)

Wow, guys. I am literally bouncing in my seat. The fat March issue of Vanity Fair landed on my desk. I love going through the March and September books because generally that’s when all the new ad campaigns debut.

This season I’m loving Prada (gorgeous illustrations!), Dolce & Gabbana (artist loft chic!) and Kate Spade (always a sucker for the preppy styling!). Then my eyes landed on the new Hermès campaign…

Ooooh lord, it’s good. The three-pager in VF opens with a shot of a black horse following a painted Indian elephant on a pathway of hot pink and orange flowers. (Very smart, Hermès!) The following spread shows a shot of Indian model Lakshmi Menon in jodhpur chic (Dude, those pants are made of crocodile…. seriously?) between two more painted elephants with more orange and pink flowers. Tagline? Hermès Orange Indian Pink. So perfect.

I love that Lakshmi is the new face of Hermès. She is such great choice for this season’s collection especially since it was inspired by India. I can’t wait to see the rest of this campaign as more March and April books drop on my desk! Will keep this post updated.

UPDATE: I have more shots from this campaign including shots for the Hermès Home collection and handbags and shoes. See it all after the jump!

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Kali’s Jewel Box

From “Terrorism Affects Tourism”

The New York Times Sunday Styles always get my weekly love. This week I happened upon a small item regarding Kali Arulpragasam’s fine jewelry.

Wait. Arulpragasam, you say? Is that?…. Yes. Kali is the sister of your girl and mine, M.I.A.

Kali is a jewelry designer with a studio in London. Her work can be seen on her site, Super Fertile.

Her work is highly influenced by social issues with collections titled “Rich Girl vs. Poor Girl” and “Endangered Species”. Her latest collection is called “Terrorism Affects Tourism”. The collection celebrates the positive side to countries that we think of as war-torn and poverty stricken. From the Times:

“There’s more to these countries than guys with guns standing in rubble,” said Ms. Arulpragasam, who fled Sri Lanka with her family 20 years ago. “What are the plants like? What music are the kids listening to? That’s what I wanted to show.”

These pieces are plated gold and silver and start at $800. See Super Fertile for ordering information.

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Protocol to be a Marc Jacobs Model

M.I.A. for Marc by Marc Jacobs

This ain’t no Rocawear. Flipping through the new February issue of Teen Vogue (shut up.), I caught the new shots for Spring 2008 campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs featuring none other than our girl, M.I.A. (Front of book, first ad after the L’Oreal gatefold.)

I wanted to love it, I really did but does anyone else think homeskillet looks a bit tired in these photos? And that the hell is up with the styling? Don’t mind the shot on the right but sticking her in a men’s cut suit? Really? The Spring line has so many gorgeous colorful clothes… why go that route? I associate M.I.A. with hyper color anyway, much like the Spring collection, so what’s up with the gray and olive?

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Bigger photos after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

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The Chloé Kerala

The Chloé Kerala

My good friend Amrapali is looking for a cute purple patent clutch so we were perusing our favorite handbag blog, Bagsnob to see if we could find anything of note. While we didn’t find a clutch (And dear readers, if you have spied a nice one recently, please do tell!) we did find a favorable (!?) review of Chloé’s Kerala shoulder bag in a buttery yellow.

Yes, I know it’s not really desi-related but I found small joy in the first decently designed Chloé bag released lately carries the moniker Kerala.

That is all. Oh. If you want to purchase the above, it’s $1,225 at Net-a-porter.

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