“Perhaps A Goose Prepared Tandoori Style”

There are no words. From her end.
Who could have foretold this?

Seems like the Times was somewhat prescient with its Sunday Styles piece on the ‘Three-Year Itch.’ Threelyweds Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi announced today that they will divorce.

From The Guardian:

In a statement from Rushdie’s spokeswoman, Jin Auh, issued in New York today, Rushdie said that he “has agreed to divorce his wife, Padma Lakshmi, because of her desire to end their marriage” and requests that “the media respect his privacy at this difficult time”.

This comes as a total shock. Her desire to end the marriage? But……but he’s so hot! His is the darkly intellectual brow that launched a thousand ships! She’s merely the John Stamos to his Rebecca Romijn!

I don’t understand this at all.

For a Comedic Mojito laced with Schadenfreude Rum (Gold Label), here’s the couple’s wedding vows, as covered by the single woman’s sports pages.

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A Horatio Alger Tale (But Crank Up the Pearls and Rip Off the Knob)

It’s not Christmas yet, but James Kurisunkal, erstwhile incognito Oz behind Park Avenue Peerage and one-time interviewee, appears to have been extra good this year. The same publication that drew back the seersucker curtains from his lair now moves to install him on staff: he will be interning at New York magazine in the fall. [via Gawker]

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An Unlikely Socialite

James Kurisunkal (New York magazine)

For socialites in New York City, there was one place to visit on the Web: SocialiteRank.com. For a full year, the mysterious Web site declared “itself unofficial judge, jury, and executioner of 10021—the Zip Code of upper Park Avenue and Fifth, and the home of many young women who appear on the charity-ball circuit. Each fortnight, the Web site released a ‘Social Elite Power Ranking,’ scoring the women on their personal style, public appearances, and publicity efforts,” wrote Isaiah Wilner in New York magazine.

Then, suddenly, on April 26, 2007, SocialiteRank.com shut down. New York society was abuzz—but luckily, the gliteratti flocked, instead, to Park Avenue Peerage. This new Web site, which had launched in March, also chronicled the lives of the rich and fabulous, though without the same snark that SocialiteRank.com had been famous for. But like its famous predecessor, the owner behind Park Avenue Peerage remained a mystery.

Until, that is, Isaiah Wilner’s “expose” in New York magazine two weeks ago: The Duo Behind Socialite Rank Confess How and Why They Did It. The 6,400-word tome is probably of little interest to most people—and even to most New Yorkers—but the final page offered perhaps the juiciest tidbit of all: The owner of Park Avenue Peerage, who wrote with such authority about the New York social scene, was no insider. In fact, he was an 18-year-old Indian American college student—from Illinois:

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In Short

Junior B arrives at the Bachchan family home in Mumbai (Photo: BBC)

**JUDE Law has a new girlfriend.

Kim Hersov, an editor for Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar, and Law have jetted off to India for a little romance, R & R. The two were spotted taking in the historic sites of Rajasthan.

**DELHI’S street food vendors head indoors, as a new court order threatens the legality of outdoor cooking. Somini Sengupta of the New York Times goes on assignment, hitting up some good chaat joints and describing just what these new laws would mean for the city (an end to Delhi-belly?).

**ASH and Abhi have done it. The two said their “I dos” in Mumbai today. A few pictures, from the days leading up to the sangeet, have been posted online. Go here to check them out.

**LINA Sinha, the 40-year-old ex-principal at the Montessori School of New York has been sentenced to (up to) fourteen years in prison.

The Columbia University-grad was accused of having sex with two underaged students (one 12, the other 14) ten years ago. Sinha’s family owns three Montessori schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

**SANJAYA Malakar gets booted off American Idol, and The Daily Show weighs in.

On Hersov and Law’s budding romance
Nice day for a Bachchan wedding
Actress Jahnavi Kapoor shows up at the shaadi, alleges that Bachchan had promised to marry her, tries to kill herself (Bollywood film plot, much?)

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Nice Day for a Bachchan Wedding

Bachchan Bliss

It’s the wedding event of the year.

Ash and Abhi are set to tie the knot this Friday at the Bachchan residence.

According to a BBC Asian Network-radio report, invitations have been extended to 400 close friends and family. Among those rumored to have been invited: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Pakistan’s current President Pervez Musharraf.

Also receiving an invitation: Lord Venkateswara (Amitabh Bachchan was spotted in a Tirupati temple yesterday, leaving the envelope at his feet).

The sangeet will be held on Wednesday evening, at the Bachchan’s bungalow in Juhu. Air-conditioned, sound-proof tents are currently being erected on the property, where guests will be entertained. The henna ceremony is scheduled for the following night.

Word is Rai will be wearing a red, zari-embroidered ghagra choli that is a Neeta Lulla design.

The actress can next be seen in the Jag Mundhra movie Provoked. Check out the May issue of for a feature on the film (and be on the look-out for our wedding issue, coming this summer).

Ready to transform your…impression of Ash?
Ash and Abhi altar-bound

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Post-Shaadi Shambles

The Nayar Clan
The Nayar clan in happier times (Daily Mail)

Vinod Nayar is not happy with how son Arun has been behaving lately. The textile tycoon told the Sunday Mirror that he and wife Joanne are still stinging from last month’s lavish wedding festivities.

“I have decided to cut all ties with my son,” Nayar told reporters. “I feel that Liz and Arun behaved shamefully and placed more importance on showing off than their own family. My heart is heavy with pain.”

Hurley and Nayar tied the knot with two ceremonies—one in India, the other in the UK. The couple inked a $5 million deal with Hello!, giving the magazine exclusive rights to pictures from the wedding.

Vinod Nayar allegedly, wasn’t allowed on the wedding platform and was prevented from taking photographs. The family has been feuding since February of last year, when Joanne Nayar revealed wedding details to the press. Mrs. Nayar, Arun’s stepmother, has been accused of using the media attention to promote her jewelry line.

Arun Nayar’s grandmother wasn’t invited to the celebration. Vinod Nayar said he felt the British guests were given preferential treatment at the wedding, while Indian family and friends were relegated to the sidelines of the ceremony.

Hot pink wedding for Hurley
Holy matrimony!
Want to avoid shaadi disasters? Be sure to check out the June issue of for our special summer wedding issue.

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Lahiri’s Ex Might Be The Real-Life Gogol Ganguli

The “Gogols” (New York magazine)

You’ve read the book, seen the movie, even blissed-out to the soundtrack.

But do you know the real story behind Mira Nair’s latest hit film The Namesake?

Vishaan Chakrabarti thinks he is the inspiration for the main character Gogol, played by Kal Penn. “Maybe it’s just coincidence that nine-tenths of the book is the same as my life,” he says, “but it was my friends who pointed it out. Anyone who knew me well saw the similarity immediately.”

Chakrabarti used to date author Jhumpa Lahiri but says they just “didn’t hit it off.” He is now married and works in Manhattan.

According to New York magazine the similarties between the real-life and celluloid Gogols don’t end there:

“Like Chakrabarti, he studies architecture. He dates non-Indian women, to his parents’ chagrin, and, after his father’s death, shaves his head and lets his mother set him up for the first time with an Indian girl—which is how Chakrabarti met Lahiri. As in the book, Chakrabarti’s mother decided to become a classical Indian singer, his family is Bengali, his father is a scientist, and his mother a librarian. And his parents had given him a nickname that he hated so much he changed it while in college. (He won’t say what it is.)”
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Marriage Lacks Mirch

Padma & Salman

Rumor has it Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi has split with Salman Rushdie, her husband of the last three years.

According to a source at the New York Observer, Lakshmi, 36, is leaving the Midnight’s Children author in order to focus on her career.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg (wrap-dresses!) was overheard talking about the breakup, telling friends: “I can’t believe she’s leaving him.”

Salman Rushdie, 59, is currently a writer-in-residence at Emory University in Atlanta.

The two were an item for more than eight years.

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By The Power of Shyamalan, I AM HE-MAN!


In an odd twist of fate (?!) it appears that M. Night Shyamalan will be directing a feature length film adaptation of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Okay, people. I have to stop and breathe. He-Man. As a film. By M. Night Shyamalan. Right. Okay.

A quick IMDB search yields only rumored cast members (Two of which are Days of Our Lives actors. And one more who was a WWF wrestler.) but now I’m really thinking about who could be cast in the role of He-Man. (And more importantly, will there be a cameo by his twin sister She-Ra?! Oh my God.) To be a fly on that casting director’s wall… Who do you think should be cast as He-Man? Ryan Reynolds? Brad Pitt? The Rock!? Leave it in the comments.

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Holy Matrimony!

The Happy Couple

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley will wed long-time boyfriend Arun Nayar today at the historic Sudeley Castle in the English town of Gloucestershire.

The wedding party will then move to India, where a lavish, three-day celebration will take place at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

Hurley will be having a “proper mehndi” according to the BBC Asian Network. Female guests have been asked to wear saris, and the men will be in orange turbans.

The couple has been together for over three years. Nayar was previously married to Italian model Valentina Pedroni. This will be the first marriage for Elizabeth Hurley, 41.

On Nayar and Hurley’s wedding

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