Cowgirl & Indian


The two-woman show, “Cowgirl & Indian,” written and performed by comediennes Margee Magee and Angeli Millan, finishes up its three-week run at the L.A. Comedy festival this Friday, May 16. Magee and Millan met at The Groundlings Improv/Comedy school. As they embarked on their careers in acting they became co-conspirators in comedy.

“Despite how different we might appear, we’ve really endured a lot of the same experiences as actresses, comediennes, dating, despite various stereotypes that we both get put upon us,” says Millan. If you’re in L.A. this Friday and curious to know more about their satirical take on the shared experiences of a “Cowgirl” and “Indian,” visit the show’s website for event details and ticket reservations. Millan adds that the show will include experimental comedy, running the gamut from sitcom spoofing to powerpoint presentations of their lives, plus audience interaction and “a male mannequin taking center stage to tell of our exploits with the opposite sex.”

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“… In Other News, ‘Never The Twain Shall Meet.'”

L'Extreme Orient
Solid gold.

Hark! The goras, the gaijin, the waiguks, the vellaikaarans — whatever you call them, it’s serious: They’re finding out the face-reading secrets buried deep in our Oriental, collectively-oriented psyches. See, we Easterners read expressions differently, because we don’t process emotions as individuals! We assess facial expressions based on a holistic evaluation of the group. … Holistic like our medicines! (OMG) Maybe we’re so holistically-minded because we view life not as a line but as a circle, turn, turn, turn.

Well, I we don’t know about you y’all, but this exposé from The New York Times is too close for my our comfort. So saddle up your camels and flying carpets — we’ve got to meet somewhere and discuss how to stay inscrutably ‘Other’ in this changing age. Let’s meet in heady, spicy Samarkand. … If that’s cool with everyone.

East and West Part Ways in Test of Facial Expressions [NYT]

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Mustache Panache (Or, How I Totally Called It)

More from the Sartorialist's trip to New Delhi
More from the Sartorialist’s trip to ND.

Like I was saying to Priya, I’ve been trying to predict which uniquely desi spins on fashion The Sartorialist will feature on his influential blog as he traipses through New Delhi. Turns out I was right on one crucial front — my conviction that the Sartorialist couldn’t resist the throwback élan of an old-school subcontinental ‘stache.

Though this gentleman isn’t rocking the Rajasthani jobi-square I so pithily anticipated back in Priya’s earlier post, his mustache is definitely everything I hoped Mr. Schuman would notice. Feast your eyes on it, readers. Them is some luscious vibrissae, oh yes them is!

I can only hope that the man in question knows what a gifty crop he’s got growing … that he fertilizes it shiny and well with copious amounts of Parachute (or, as I call it, India’s Dapper Dan) … and that he sedately runs his fingers through it like Kattabomman when solving affairs of state or heart. You can totally tell just by looking at him that he’s got to do both in a day’s work. Love it.

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Who Wants Some Dishoom?


Back in 2004, I watched this video from Badmash a thousand times. If you haven’t seen it already, take a quick trip back to that election and then watch the latest from the Badmash boys: Dishoom2008, which clearly shows Amitabh Bachchan is poised to become the next Prime Minister of the United States.

If you weren’t already enticed by Priya’s teaser below, run, don’t walk, to watch Dishoom2008. And don’t forget to visit the AmitabhBlog, which promises “Change We Can Borrow.” Dishoom!

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“Perhaps A Goose Prepared Tandoori Style”

There are no words. From her end.
Who could have foretold this?

Seems like the Times was somewhat prescient with its Sunday Styles piece on the ‘Three-Year Itch.’ Threelyweds Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi announced today that they will divorce.

From The Guardian:

In a statement from Rushdie’s spokeswoman, Jin Auh, issued in New York today, Rushdie said that he “has agreed to divorce his wife, Padma Lakshmi, because of her desire to end their marriage” and requests that “the media respect his privacy at this difficult time”.

This comes as a total shock. Her desire to end the marriage? But……but he’s so hot! His is the darkly intellectual brow that launched a thousand ships! She’s merely the John Stamos to his Rebecca Romijn!

I don’t understand this at all.

For a Comedic Mojito laced with Schadenfreude Rum (Gold Label), here’s the couple’s wedding vows, as covered by the single woman’s sports pages.

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Mr. Met Loves Indian Weddings

The groom Pinty & Mr. Met.

When my friend Amar told me what he was planning to do for his brother Pinty’s wedding, I just couldn’t believe it. Mets fans pretty much since birth, the Jhaveris definitely do not play around when it comes to their favorite team. As Pinty’s best man, Amar knew he had to do something memorable.

So as a total surprise to his brother, his new sister-in-law Pooja and a hall full of unsuspecting guests, Amar arranged for Mr. Met to run out to the dance floor in the middle of the wedding reception. Needless to say, the moment was absolutely priceless for Pinty. Mr. Met not only posed with guests, he also partied pretty hard. (And you better believe there is a YouTube clip of this.) Congratulations to Pinty & Pooja from all of us at Nirali Magazine. Watch Mr. Met balle balle his way on the dance floor after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stuff Gets Stupid(er)

Stuff magazine, not exactly known for its highbrow content, may have crossed a line in its continual quest to whet the prurient appetites of its readership. Alongside a June 2007 quiz entitled “Yoga Pose, Drink or Sex Position?” wherein readers have to decide in which category names like “downward facing dog” and “reverse cowgirl” belong, an illustration labeled “Vice” depicts Hindu deities overindulging in alcohol and having sex.

For me the cartoon is troubling on a number of different levels. Although I support the magazine’s freedom of expression, as a practicing Hindu, I find those images deeply offensive. Also profoundly irritating to me is the obvious ignorance at issue here. While Indian culture today is rather prudish, ancient Hinduism acknowledged and even celebrated sexuality—witness the worship of the obviously phallic Shiva lingam, or the erotic carvings at Khajuraho. But instead of playing on those readily available themes, the artist chose instead to draw Hanuman, noted for his celibacy, having sex.
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Born In The U.S.A.A.

Spotlight Stealerz
Anthony, De La Cruz, D’Lo (APICC)

Running through May and June in San Francisco, the 10th Annual United States of Asian America Festival showcases over 75 Asian Pacific Islander artists in the the fields of dance, music, visual art, theater and multidisciplinary performance. The festival’s diverse program includes a May 26 show by the Spotlight Stealerz, an LA-based performing troupe comprised of writers Adelina Anthony (“Mastering Sex and Tortillas”), D’Lo (“Ballin’ With My Bois”) and Alison De La Cruz (“Sungka”). The Stealerz use comedy to “weave individual stories and group sketches together to explore a range of issues within their multiple experiences, identities and communities (Xicana, Tamil Sri-Lankan, Filipino, lesbian, queer, stud, immigrant, mixed-race).”

You can see more of Spotlight Stealer D’Lo, a Tamil Sri Lankan-American performer, writer and music producer with a background in piano, ethnomusicology, hip-hop, dance and more, at upcoming shows across the country, including “Ramble-ations: A One D’Lo Show”—an attempt at fusing together elements of her being on stage: “Gay Hindu Hip Hop—These three things make me but don’t allow for one another.”

Watch “D’Lo Speaks the Good Word” on MTV Desi and Alison De La Cruz perform at Serafemme 2006.

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The Kumars At No. 42 Are Looking to Move

Meera Syal
Meera Syal (BBC)

Brits Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen have made the journey.

And now it might just be Meera Syal’s time.

The actress and author is in talks to bring her enormously popular BBC comedy chat show, The Kumars at No. 42 ,to American television viewers.

“There’s interest from America and we are in talks,” Syal told reporters earlier this month. “It’s early stages and so much depends on the budget … I’d be really interested. Can you imagine, the Kumars interviewing Sylvester Stallone and Nicole Kidman? I think it would be hilarious.”

Syal’s previous projects include the (instant classic) film Bhaji on the Beach and Broadway’s hugely successful Bombay Dreams . She can next be seen in Ayub Khan-Din’s latest Rafta Rafta—a play about newlyweds who move in with the ‘rents and, er, have trouble consummating their union.

Rafta Rafta opens this Friday, April 26, at the National Theatre in London.

Life isn’t all ha ha hee hee
Anita and me
YouTube clip of The Kumars at No. 42

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Mandvi in Mumbai

Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty got their PDA on a few days ago (raising AIDS awareness never looked so sexy yaar) and India is still reeling from it all.

The Daily Show‘s Senior Mumbai Bureau Chief Aasif Mandvi brings us this report on the uproar and how Al Sharpton is coping.

Confused? Good:

Pretty Woman gets mauled
A man called Mandvi
Lawyers take action over Gere kiss (CNN)

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