Having spent two years teaching English essay-writing in Pakistan, Nakasha Ahmad moved back to the home of the brave to pursue a doctorate in political philosophy at Bowling Green State University. Born in Maryland, but alas, raised in Indiana, Nakasha fills her time bounding from interview to interview and cramming some philosophical stuff in between. She enjoys photography and writing, adores horseback riding, reading and traveling, and wishes she had time to dabble in pottery.

Nakasha graduated from Saint Mary’s College (in Notre Dame, Indiana) with majors in political science, philosophy and English literature, and a minor in women’s studies. (She’s still not quite sure how she escaped the doctor-engineer-computer programmer paradigm unscathed.) Still undecided about what she wants to do when she grows up, Nakasha has not ruled out law school. Reach Nakasha at nakasha @ niralimagazine.com.

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