Words to describe Vikram V. Tank (the V. stays in to keep mom and dad happy) are hard to come by because, well, they simply don’t exist in the English language. You can’t find tall – dark – handsome – smart – witty – funny – sexy – hot – caring – romantic – wonderful – artistic – happy – noir – mysterious – ish in the dictionary. There’s a depth here that can’t be fathomed, though many have tried.

Vikram currently works in magazine publishing and graduated from that bastion of South Asian-ity, Rutgers University. He loves fun, interesting things, thinks he knows everything, and is probably the funniest – smartest – sexiest (see, we told you he’s hard to describe) man we know. At the present moment we’re sure he’s off in pursuit of some madcap idea that can only be described as childish – silly – unique – adventuresome. Email him at vikram@niralimagazine.com.